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When you look at an aerial picture of a Punta Cana beach the first thing that strikes you is the seemingly unending strip of heavenly white sand. The second is the beautiful turquoise waters that change in shade and hue until they meet the shore. When you first look at pictures of the best beaches in the world you may think that the colors have been artificially brightened (some have). Your first trip to Punta Cana will make you a believer though.

Punta Cana has the most consistent weather of any beach destination in the Caribbean, it hardly ever rains. The weather is beautiful and the waters are warm and clean – what else is there to consider? Come here Now!

We’re in the midst of piecing together pages on our top ten beaches world wide and what questions we receive about the beaches in Punta Cana. Here are the questions we’ve been asked and intend to answer. Although some of these topics are a little out of focus with our site (for example, are there Caribbean au natural beaches in Punta Cana?) it’s often a good idea to know what to avoid when you’re planning a trip. If I was planning a family vacation to what I thought was one of the top ten beaches world wide and there was a nude beach right next to the hotel I was staying at – I’d want to know about it. Don’t worry though, you will never find anything of an offensive nature on this site

One of the top ten beaches of the world!

The six beaches that make up the 63 km. stretch of Punta Cana beaches from North to South are (Macao Beach, Areno Gordo Beach, El Cortecito, Bavaro Beach, Cabeza de Toro and Cabo Engano Beach)

You’ll see all kinds of different lists from different sources as to where the top beaches in the world are – they all contain biases. There are many factors that go into choosing the best beach: white sand; water color and quality; sun; wind; the people on the beach and how many of them there are. Whether they’re family beaches, g string beaches, au natural beaches, adult beaches, European bikini beaches or topless beaches in Punta Cana. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. There are so many variables that any list becomes skewed depending on the criteria.

We think that the most important aspects of a beach are sand quality and water color as well as average water temperatures and average annual precipitation. Keeping these four criteria in mind, it becomes pretty clear that Punta Cana is the most beautiful beach in the world

We all work hard for our time off and deserve the best! Punta Cana is our favorite place to be and we hope it will be yours as well. So we’ve put together a list of topics with tips and information we thought would be helpful in planning your memorable, well loved vacation. So read on and happy traveling! Punta Cana has become one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world; primarily because of its 63 kilometer stretch of heavenly white sand beaches and turquoise waters. For us "this is the most beautiful beach in the world. -"Hostel Blue International"
This paradise is located on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic, where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic. In addition to boasting the best deep-sea fishing in the world, the waters off the coast offer great snorkeling and diving excursions. Most of the coast is guarded by coral reefs, keeping the waters at the beach safe and calm for all swimmers.

What we really loved about Punta Cana was the warm Caribbean breeze. These winds make even the hottest of days bearable. If sun worshipping is your thing, you’ll be amazed by its unspoiled beaches and the vast amount of “palapas” to lie under while you read the next best seller, have a siesta or simply enjoy the breath taking ocean views.
In Punta Cana, the all-inclusive resort is king and they are the most reasonably priced in the Caribbean. In fact, they are so affordable that people planning excursion-oriented vacations in the Dominican Republic often stay at them to use as a home-base.

However, don’t let the title of all-inclusive scare you off. Many of the resorts have managed to keep the charm and beauty that its visitors expect to experience. The wonderful thing about the all-inclusive resorts is its abilities to satisfy just about all your needs without ever having to leave. However, a few well chosen day excursions or dinners will certainly make your vacation more memorable and exciting without breaking your budget.

The waters of Punta Cana have a great deal to offer if you’re willing enough to take the plunge, most all-inclusive resorts in the area offer water sports and adventure packages for the thrill seekers. If a gentle dip in the warm soothing ocean is more your style; believe us you won’t be disappointed. The choice is yours; however one thing’s for sure; you’ll never be bored! So let us help be your guide in planning your next thrilling or chillin’ on the beach, worry free vacation.

The Resorts at Bavaro and Punta Cana

There are over 100 resorts in Punta Cana and Bavaro. This is becoming the most popular tourist destination worldwide, mainly because it’s on the most beautiful beach in the world. The majority of hotels are Punta Cana all inclusive, but there are some pay your way options available.

All Dominican hotel star ratings are based on criteria such as comfort, food, cleanliness, atmosphere, activities, grounds & location. They are decided almost wholly by the resorts themselves and the Dominican Tourist Board. One thing to keep in mind is that these Dominican hotel rankings are compared only to other Dominican hotels, they are not compared to hotels internationally.

However, we think that they tend to be better than Cuban and Mexican hotels with equivalent rankings. As a general rule: 4 star resorts are very comfortable, offer a good range of activities and have decent dining options. Five star Punta Cana resorts will charge you a little more, but pamper you a little bit extra in each of the categories listed above. Three star resorts tend to be a little older and have a somewhat decreased comfort level, but if that doesn’t bother you – you’ll save a bundle and the ocean is the same!

If you find something that we’ve slipped up on (resorts do change their ways quite frequently) or something that you found particularly useful please let us know by visiting our Contact Us. We try our best to keep this site’s info current and accurate, we appreciate your help in doing so!

Night Life at Punta Cana and Bavaro

Most hotels will feature staff-produced evening shows, with guests having the option to dance until the wee hours in the hotel discos. Nightlife will be slightly livelier at the larger hotel clusters. Bavaro Beach Resort disco is, for instance, the main dance bar among the five large Barcelo Bavaro hotels. The disco opens at 11pm and usually becomes packed after midnight.

With this exception, nightlife at most resorts has been described as "fairly dull" if you are looking for a party atmosphere. Most discos are small and won't attract more than 40-70 people in the evenings, mostly couples. The discos will play current dance music so you can bring your own CDs, gather a group of people and turn a small hotel disco into your own personal party.

The only big show in town is Tropicalissimo, staged at the Barcelo Bavaro Casino in the style of the old Tropicana of Cuba.

Areito disco caters to Ocean Resorts and is open to the public, as is the Mangu Disco at the Occidental Flamenco Hotel with its giant screen for following important spectator sports events.

Punta Cana's shopping center, opposite the airport, features the country's newest world-class bowling alley. On site is also the Maran disco-lounge-bar.

Major beach party live entertainment is provided on full moon nights at the Jelly Fish Restaurant on Bavaro Beach.

Most guests do not mind the lack of nightlife as they retire early, exhausted from a day at the beach. Regardless, there are bars in Plaza Bavaro (near Barcelo and Melia hotels) or in the Punta Cana shopping center where you can meet the locals, mostly people who work in the area. The atmosphere at these places should be lively but don't expect too much. If you will be staying in the area of Iberostar or Riu hotels, Disco Pachá is the place. They charge admission for those not staying at Riu hotel.


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